Editorial bride

Ottawa Wedding Photography Bride Editorial

Custom Veil: Age of Indie

Pant Suit: Karen Willis Holmes

Flowers: Maison Anthea

Model: Nathalie Boucher

In May of 2021, Adrian and I had an idea inspired by a runway by KIMHEKIM from Seoul, Korea. It took about a week to make this veil and a few attempts at different colours. We ended up keeping it simple and making it in ivory, pairing it with a KWH bridal pant suit. We wanted to embrace bridal fashion with a vitality and commitment that are matched only with our determination to create something together that we are both really proud of that’s all our own. In our small studio, we put up an abstract black backdrop which controlled the field of play. We used one light, and the ambient sunrise from our front yard. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be super complicated to get a great shot.

You made it to the end
we like you too...

Age of Indie

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