Age of Romance, Beauty, Passion, Love, Indie.,

You be you.
Leave the rest to us.

There’s nothing more incredible than finding the one person you can’t live without. Love is all we have. We want to photograph the romance, the beauty, the passion, and the true love that you share together. Photographing people in love in the places they love, is what we value most.

Whether we adventure somewhere beautiful or explore the intimacy of your own home, We want to capture the true versions of you both


Nothing forced

Nothing made up

All authenticity.

Ottawa Engagement Photography - Kelsey and Andrew

We want to photograph the random and the quirky. The awkward and the silly.

These moments are the true memories that should be captured and remembered. We like quiet moments under the sheets, telling dirty jokes and laughing hysterically. We like hands up in the air, big hugs and strutting like a model. We don’t want to just show up with our cameras and shoot. We want to create something more meaningful to you and your love. Comfort, intimacy and above all authenticity matter to us most. Never worry about how you look, or spend weeks stressing about what to wear or location – relax, love, and be loved.

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