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Backyard Ottawa Elopement

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Lisa and Johnny decided after a year of postponing their nuptials, to have a small ceremony with just their lifelong best friends by their sides – in their very own backyard. There was no aisle, no grand wedding recession or raging party afterwards. Their love for one another was enough to make it the most special day of their lives. After all, this is what it is really all about. I first met Johnny and Lisa when they asked us to shoot their engagement last summer. They were hopeful that their wedding would go as planned being so far in advance, but nonetheless – it didn’t turn out as they had hoped. I got an email after I sent the gallery to Lisa, and she responded with this message:

“It’s hard to articulate how much I appreciate you being there and after a long year and half, how much this gallery means. It’s funny how things work themselves out to the point that it feels it was always meant to be that way.”

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