Fiona & Douglas

Downtown Kingston Anniversary

Kingston, Anniversary, Couple, Engagement Photography

After much bad luck and bad timing, trying to schedule my work schedule this summer with theirs, Fiona finally reached out again asking if I could come up to Kingston, ON that upcoming weekend for an impromptu Anniversary photoshoot. I was honoured to be asked to photograph this special moment in their lives and that they took the time to document such a milestone. I asked Fiona and Douglas prior to their photo session what they wanted out of the photos. They replied that they just wanted one good photo documenting a momentous occasion that they could hold onto for a lifetime. Anything beyond that would be icing on the cake. I think we sometimes get lost in a photo session trying to ‘get it all’ like some sort of checklist, when really all that matters is that you were together. Let those feelings always be the goal.

You made it to the end.
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