Jess & Duncan

Mer Bleue Bog Engagement

Ottawa Engagement Photography, Mer Bleue Bog, Candid

Jess and Duncan had one shot on this one particular day to photograph their engagement. To my dismay, mother nature decided to be a monster and torrential downpour right as we started shooting. I would normally always try and reschedule if it was looking meh, but Jess and Duncan were travelling from out of town to see us so we had to make it work. Holding my camera in one hand, and an umbrella in another, I went to work! Jess and Duncan were so easy going and light hearted and so much fun to photograph, the rain didn’t seem to matter and almost made it more fun! They had also just gotten the cutest little puppy – check him out eating one of our umbrella’s 🙂 Also, Mer Bleue in the fall is the only time to photograph it. 

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