Megan & Jeff

Ottawa Winter Elopement

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Once upon a time, most people thought of elopements as an exclusively Las Vegas: Ross and Rachel, kind of thing. That is still VERY cool, and if anyone wants to do that, please call us. But! These days, because of the pandemic, the most romantic place to pledge eternal love can be your very own backyard. Megan and Jeff’s wedding was impacted because of Covid 19, and instead of postponing their nuptials, they just went with it. What more could you ever really need?

The cherry on top of this whole day? It was my birthday! Which also makes me officially a workaholic. Check out the moment they sang me happy birthday at the end 🙂 Thank-you Megan and Jeff for being the best people ever and making my birthday so memorable. 

You made it to the end.
We like you too...

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