I’m Matt

Ottawa Wedding Photography - Matthew

I am about authenticity,

compassion and comfort. I like

to capture who you are, and

how you love.


 I have a willpower to be the first or best at something. I live by the motto “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. I do not believe in the words ‘I can’t’. 

I love competition, possessing courage, and I love to go where no one else dares to go. 

What really makes me happy, is to be around love. Seeing how much others love, and can be loved. 

This is Adrian

He is my fiancé and my one true love.

Ottawa Wedding Photography - Adrian

He has a creative, undefined and unpredictable soul. He is constantly evolving, growing and becoming fuller each day. He is always overflowing with ideas, concepts and has a unique way about viewing the world. He is the awkward kind of hilarious – but you would never know it unless you got a few drinks in him.  He laughs at his own jokes (eyeroll). He is that person that is kind of a natural at everything (besides sports).

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