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I'm Matt

Three words that describe
my approach:


I photograph how things feel – without controlling too much and changing the truth of my subjects too heavily. My eyes wander and I crave a romantic feel, quiet moments and the deeply sentimental.

I believe that a wedding is not simply a big photoshoot; Nor is it a series of staged poses pinned from wherever. I loathe pretense.  I want to make sure that you have been given the opportunity to experience your own wedding day and to be in the moment. This is where the true memories can be captured and remembered.

You be you. I’ll be me.
The best images will come when you can really just let go and be yourself.

I am inspired by paintings of the Impressionist era, Art Nouveau, portrait photography masters like Edward Steichen, Annie Leibovitz, Nadav Kandar, fashion photographers like Mert and Marcus, Horst P. Horst, Herb Ritts, Paolo Roversi, cinematic photographers like Todd Hido, and photojournalists like Henri Cartier Bresson, Sam Abell.

This is Adrian

He is my fiancé and my one true love.

Adrian Ottawa Wedding Photograph

He has a creative, undefined and unpredictable soul. He is constantly evolving, growing and becoming fuller each day. He is always overflowing with ideas, concepts and has a unique way about viewing the world. He is the awkward kind of hilarious – but you would never know it unless you got a few drinks in him.  He laughs at his own jokes (eyeroll). He is that person that is kind of a natural at everything (besides sports).

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