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We are Matt & Adrian

We're Matt & Adrian, a creative duo of Ottawa Wedding Photographers that are passionate about creative storytelling. We are inspired by real people in love and their amazing stories. We shoot with the motto, ‘you be you, leave everything else to us.’ We want your wedding day to not be a big photoshoot, but rather a series of unplanned, un staged moments that are authentic to you both and your love story.

Who We are

How we Started:

Adrian went to school for Visual Arts and to say that he is one thing under that umbrella, is impossible. He is a creative and unpredictable soul, always overflowing with ideas and concepts. Adrian is my soul mate and the weirdest, kindest and funniest person I know.

My photography story started when my Dad got me a camera for Christmas of 1995 and I was instantly enamoured by it. I took classes in high school and it eventually led me to study Photography at Algonquin College.

Our Approach

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What good photography really means to us:

A good photo carries with it tremendous emotional significance. Whether it is for a moment that mattered to you, a moment that will never happen again, or a moment that documents a life achievement, photography is the master of an instant. So lets make it good. Hell, even Rose at the end of Titanic was complaining she didn’t have a photo of Jack.

Photos are a tangible glimpse of an otherwise fleeting moment. They represent the past, while allowing your future self to see how near or far you have come. Our imaginations fill in the rest. So it only makes sense that we are so drawn to such an important day in people’s lives. It means the world to us and to our artform. They say, life is made up of a bunch experiences, we would be honored to capture a few of the good ones. 

Our Thoughts on cANDID:

A candid photograph is captured without creating a posed appearance and is marked by moments of honest expression and sincerity.

What sets us apart from others is our ability to capture moments authentically and with empathy. We capture the memories, the moments, and the feelings of the day – not the pose. A famous photographer Henri Cartier Bresson coined the term: ‘The Decisive Moment’. Which basically meant that all elements of form and composition come together NATURALLY and a good photographer knows how to recognize and capture it.

We pride ourselves on allowing the day to happen, by not impeding on the natural flow and progression. We provide a stage that allows everyone to feel comfortable being themselves and trust us when we say, a candid approach always makes for the best photos.

What you get with us:

When you book us, you book us wholeheartedly. We are yours to ask questions, bounce ideas off of or to just chat about your vision for the day. We’re invested in what matters most to you.  We call it consultation and timeline assistance – which is just a fancy way to say that we are yours – ask us anything, we will always be a phone call away.

A typical day

We arrive early so we can take a look around to find the best areas, backdrops and watch what the light is doing on that particular day. All with the intention of finding the right way to photograph your vision and story. When we are ready, you won’t know we have even started. Our goal is always to produce world-class images, while maintaining a non-intrusive stance. Throughout the day, we gravitate towards moments, we wander around the event with our camera’s, becoming totally immersed in the environment and its energy. We find special moments, authentic to who you both are. Our approach involves photographing life, in a single moment. And why we say, you be you, leave everything else to us.


We make it easy af. We like to set up a call to learn more about the vision you have, speak more to our approach and answer any questions you may have. After that, we require a signed contract and non refundable 15% retainer to book your day. Please use our contact page to get in touch with us to set up your consultation. 

Bottom line, a crap ton. Each wedding or shoot is so different and it’s never the same amount. It also depends on which package you choose. We average about 75-100 per hour of coverage. Trust us, we include everything that will be special to you.

For all Weddings and Elopements we guarantee photos be delivered between 8-10 weeks after the event. For Mini Sessions, we aim to deliver about a week or two after the shoot. We will deliver a combination of black & white and colour images in an online gallery, with the ability to share with friends and family. 

You will receive your perfectly edited images through an online gallery sent via a shareable link to your email. You can download them to your computer, or share with friends and family. 

It is a very uncertain time to be committing to wedding vendors when it feels like the future is impossible to plan for. Many of our 2020 clients have had to reschedule their wedding dates and we are working very closely alongside them to either downsize to our elopement packages or postpone their weddings to 2021/2022. If you were to choose to postpone your wedding date, we will transfer over your retainer as a credit to the new contract.

We pride ourselves on the ability to read a room. We know when people feel awkward or shy, and we know when to step back or to push forwards. We want to make it feel like a casual hang out – not a photoshoot. We will walk around, chat about whatever is going on in the world these days and we will take photos along the way. Trust us, it is NEVER stressful. 

Of course! We have spent years perfecting our directorial presence during any given shoot we do. It is all with the intention of encouraging genuine expressions and creating images which are authentically beautiful. 

OMG Yes! We adore creating fine art inspired, editorial work for brands – and more specifically with an emphasis on bridal fashions. Please contact us directly for a custom quote.

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